• is a sex doll worth it

    is a sex doll worth it

       This year, due to the epidemic, more and more people are single and can’t find a girlfriend. Especially the point is that the middle-aged people themselves are looking for their other half with the purpose of getting married, but due to the epidemic, their economic situation is getting w...
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  • 2022 New Best-selling worldwiden sex dolls

    2022 New Best-selling worldwiden sex dolls

         What is a silicone doll? Silicone doll refers to a solid doll made of organic silicone raw materials. The properties of silicone dolls are higher than TPE, so the skin texture and blood vessels can be painted on the surface, so that the surface of the entire doll is very realistic. Silicone ...
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  • Japan’s Love Hotels

    Japan’s Love Hotels

    In Japan, where the sex culture and sex toys industry is extremely developed, in addition to AVs that benefit men around the world, Tokyo’s famous red light districts such as Kabukicho are also well-known. In addition to the custom industry, Japan’s love hotels are also sweeping large and small. ...
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  • me and my anime sex doll

    me and my anime sex doll

    Today, many sex dolls are evolving and various types of sex dolls appear. These sex dolls are just a boon for some otaku. Because many otakus are immersed in a two-dimensional world, they stay at home every day, whether they eat or go out, and some otakus don’t even become a monk for a few ...
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  • how much does a sex doll cost?

    how much does a sex doll cost?

    When we search the internet for sex dolls from various brands and websites, we see many sex dolls with different prices. Prices for these silicone sex dolls fluctuate wildly. Therefore, some consumers will ask questions, which is why some silicone sex dolls of the same height are so cheap, only a...
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  • how to make a sex doll?

    how to make a sex doll?

    There are many all-silicone adult toys on the Chinese adult product wholesale market, but whether they are made of platinum silicone or not, we need to put a big question mark. In order to ensure the safety of silicone dolls, we can actually DIY silicone dolls by ourselves. The resulting silicone...
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  • Silicone Doll-lifelike sex doll

    Silicone Doll-lifelike sex doll

        Silicone doll, a simulated human adult sex product. Made in a girly 1:1 ratio. Substitute a real person for orgasm. The silicone doll is soft and elastic after being inflated, and the skin is similar to that of a real girl. Silicone dolls are easy to carry and clean, and can be used repeatedl...
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  • 10 Sex Doll Uses You Didn’t Know About

    10 Sex Doll Uses You Didn’t Know About

    I have introduced a lot of inflatable dolls. Although each introduction is weird, but if you introduce how to use it too formally, you will feel bored, right? ...I believe everyone knows that the use of inflatable dolls is used for OOXX and XXOO. ▼Before, we mainly intro...
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  • Exciting profession!sex Doll tester

    Exciting profession!sex Doll tester

    There is a company in London, England, Silicone Sex World, which specializes in the manufacture of sex toys. The increasingly popular physical dolls are also one of their products. Now, in order to develop new products, this company advertises people to be testers and try it out. The latest produ...
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  • Sex doll FAQ

    Sex doll FAQ

    Q1: How many times do you wash the black clothes worn by the doll, and how long does it take to leave them completely unstained? Soak in liquid laundry detergent for 10 minutes to see if the water has any color. In addition, you can do the dyeing test with separate parts. Generally, if the water ...
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  • Three factors affecting the service life of silicone dolls

    Three factors affecting the service life of silicone dolls

    Death is the saddest thing, whether it is a friend, a partner, or a beloved pet. But unlike dying of disease and other untimely causes, the death of a doll is controllable. Dolls are of great significance to some people, so before buying, they will want to know the lifespan of the doll. But befor...
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  • How anime dolls get along

    How anime dolls get along

    For a long time at home, many otaku have been watching anime at home and admiring the anime environment they purchased. They are addicted to anime. Even more surprising is that there is now a sex doll that highly simulates real characters, which means that anime sex dolls can also be highly simu...
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